Who are our twilighters?


In less than a decade, our Twilight Run events have grown by more than 300 per cent, with more than 45,000 total participants—from corporate teams and local families to avid runners and walkers—crossing the finish line since 2009.

It’s a family friendly, all-inclusive charitable fun run with runners from the age of five to the age of 70 taking part.

All those who participate are passionate about living a healthy, full life and sharing in an incredible experience with a likeminded community.

Meet some of our runners:

Sahar Bilney

Sahar Bilney is deaf blind and all set to run her first Twilight 10km

“I’m originally from Israel, but grew up in the States. I have been living here in Australia for over 11 years now. I’m deaf blind. I got into running originally in high school, where I was on the school cross country team. I participated in the very popular LA Marathon (back then known as City of Los Angeles Marathon), which is a full marathon, when I was just 14 years old.

My running slowly tapered off and was eventually put on hold after I left high school, due to continuing health issues (some of which are still ongoing to this day), and surgeries.

I got back into running late last year/earlier this year, at parkrun, when I was trying to train for the Commonwealth Games Gold Run….with the help of my guide….it’s my first year at Twilight, and I’m looking forward to it!“


– founder of InvincAble Pty Ltd

“Twilight Bay will always hold a special place in my heart as it is where I realised I wanted to get serious about racing, and if I was going to do that I desperately needed a racing wheelchair.

Admittedly it’s a tough course in a racer, and although you’ve cut out most of the hills, the potholed, uneven terrain, tight, hairpin turns and bends, plus adding into the mix that short but extremely steep hill in the park, it makes for a challenging event.

That being said, I LOVE a good challenge. I love pushing myself beyond my limits to try and find out exactly what is possible when I just put my mind to it.”