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By Matty Horsten (intraining coach and runner)

Tired of smelly running gear?

This tip came to mind after a two day over a weekend, and being reminded how foul running gear can get!

After a while some running gear takes on an “aroma” that even the longest washes or repeated cycles can’t cure. It seems/smells clean at the start of a run, but a few kilometres in it inexplicably gets “whiffy” all too soon. It doesn’t necessarily slow you down, but it can be damn distracting. (And in a half/full marathon, you want no unnecessary distractions!)

Can’t get rid of the smell? Here is a guaranteed way you and others around you can enjoy your favourite running gear again without breaking the bank.

Banish the dreaded ‘aroma’ in these easy steps

  1. Purchase cheap white vinegar.
  2. Pour a cup of vinegar (250mL) in a load of washing
  3. Launder as normal with detergent

Washing clothesLong story simplified – bacteria cause smells, bacteria love synthetic fabrics like running gear, and acids like vinegar can kill bacteria better than detergent.

This is something near most EVERY runner will experience. At least this way you can salvage that favourite bit of running kit that otherwise would be binned out of frustration or embarrassment. (I can still race in my favourite singlet that I first got in 2011 because of this trick).

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