After having four children, Robyn started running to try and lose some baby fat.

Her little jogs almost became 5km runs and she started to feel calmer and sleep better.  Then someone suggested that she sign up to a 10km event…. and that was the start of her running journey.

Robyn Wilson was a runner when she was young and competed in school and district events.   But she always felt like she couldn’t run further than 100 metres without success.

Her mother passed away when she was 17 and when she had her own four children, she felt the immense pressure.  Robyn started going for a few runs just to try and lose the baby fat she had gained with each pregnancy. But once she got going she realised she was almost running 5km each time, she was sleeping better, she was a lot calmer…. and she was loving it.  

Then someone mentioned to Robyn that she should sign up for a 10km event.  But she never thought of herself as a distance runner….. She says that that was the start of her running journey.

Robyn ran her first 10km in July 2014 and then ran 10km at Twilight Bay in 2014.  She smashed it in a time of 48.11 and in her words “she was actually pretty good.”  

“I am now 44, and have run many 10km, 10 half marathons…. even my first marathon at Gold Coast which I did in 3 hrs 56 minutes…

Age means nothing to me, I feel fitter now than what I did when I was 20!  

Yes we can do anything we set our minds to.  I don’t consider myself a short distance runner anymore.  I’m a sprinter, a half marathoner and a marathoner… a RUNNER!  

I feel connected to every runner and jogger I see – it doesn’t matter what anyone’s abilities are, we all run and we each accomplish the goals we set ourselves.”