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4 Mar

Nutrition Tips

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Twilight Nutrition Tips

Nutrition can make or break your event and your training. Check out our Twilight Nutrition Tips below and make the most of your event experience.

twi16-nutrition-tip11.    A key fuel for exercise is carbohydrate. Many everyday foods are carbohydrate rich and can help fuel your run. Some examples include rice, pasta, breakfast cereal, bread, Quinoa, sweet potato, legumes and fruit.

2.    A carbohydrate rich snack before training (e.g. banana) can help you get the most out of your session particularly high intensity runs such as speed work which use more carbohydrate as fuel.

3.    After training your recovery meal should contain a mix of carbohydrate and protein. Depending on when you run this could be breakfast or dinner e.g. eggs on toast or chicken stir fry and rice. Don’t forget fluids too!

4.    If you plan on using carbohydrate gels at Twilight then practice using them on a couple of long training runs that are similar to your eventtwi16-nutrition-tip4

5.    Practice your pre-event meal and snack in training to find what works best for you. Pick something high carbohydrate and low fat e.g. sandwich, cereal and milk, yoghurt or banana

twi16-nutrition-tip66.    Practice taking on fluids when training so that your body gets used to running with fluid in the stomach. Either carry your own or stop at water bubblers

7.    Water is great for general hydration and short, low intensity runs < 60 mins. For more intense or longer sessions in hot conditions, sports drinks or electrolyte replacement formulas are recommended as they provide fluid and important electrolytes

8.    Electrolyte replacement (especially sodium) is particularly important when running in the heat, or if you are a salty sweater (white residue on running gear). Electrolyte replacement formulas provide electrolytes without carbohydrate e.g. Nuun, Hammer Fizz. For longer runs sports drinks have the added benefit of providing carbohydrates e.g. Endura, Gatorade.

9.    Don’t be tempted to try unfamiliar foods, fluids, gels etc on race day, even if someone you know is raving about something that they have tried. Everyone is unique and what works for one person may not suit you (your stomach may not thank you for it).

10. Start your run hydrated. Day-to-day hydration is important, particularly in warmer Queensland.twi16-nutrition-tip7

Twilight nutrition tips provided by Liz Lovering (intraining dietitian, chef and runner)

If you need nutritional advice or have some questions about your running make a booking to see the team of podiatry, physiotherapy and dietitian practitioners at the intraining Running Injury Clinic.