We’re all different.  Some people LOVE racing.  Others are just happy to get out with their mates and run in a small group.  

Races can attract thousands of people, brimming with enthusiasm to begin their race.  For those that love to race, the sound, the sights and the crowd are so amazing that it can get addictive.  You may find yourself lining up at the start line almost every weekend.

But is it possible to race too much?

Racing frequently has some great benefits:

#1. Takes you out of your comfort zone.

By racing frequently you can almost desensitise yourself to running in a large crowd or that feeling of pain that you can sometimes experience when running.

#2. Allows you to practice.  

Racing is the best training for racing. By racing frequency, you get the opportunity to try out different race tactics, pacing and nutrition and discover what works for you.

#3. It can make you a better runner.

By giving your all in a race, you learn where your limits are and how to push them.  You also develop strength and ability by racing yourself, or a familiar rival that may have beaten you in that last race.  

#4. You get an opportunity to mix it up.

If you like to race often, you can choose different races on different types of surfaces.  Make yourself a versatile runner by racing on track, road or trail. You can also mix up the distances by racing shorter races in summer for example, when the heat can get pretty intense!

#5. It gives you a sense of achievement.

Racing and hitting your goals will boost your confidence, which might not just stop with your running, but could actually flow through into other aspects of your life.

Are there any downsides to racing a lot?

The downside to racing too much is that if you try to run a PB each time, you are going to break down.  If you want to race frequently, you will need to have different types of race goals.

Choose a few races where you want to hit a PB.  For other races, you may want to focus on doing a negative split, running the last few kilometres at a certain pace or kicking right at the finish line.  Of course you also need to be aware of the increased risk of injury short term. So if you are going to race frequently, make sure you rest and recover properly afterwards to avoid injury.  

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