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12 Apr

Do you ever run nude?

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This might sound odd… but run ‘nude’ sometimes

Gone were the days when you could just head out for a run and enjoy the freedom of being at one with yourself and nature. Hang on… we are talking about running without gadgets here!

Once a week, go out for your run without all your technology, no watch, music, or phone. Imagine doing a run just to enjoy it for what it is. There are significant advantages to running ‘nude’ which can be outlined below.

  1. Learn pace judgement: Teach your body to judge pace without the need of a watch beeping at you or constantly looking down to ensure you are running the right pace.
  2. Enjoy your surroundings: There is a world outside of your watch or phone screen. Take a look up sometime and you may see something you have been missing.
  3. Focus on your running: Focus correct running technique and form cues. It is amazing how much easier this is when you don’t have the chime of a watch or music in your ears.
  4. Chat with friends: Instead of posting a selfie of you doing your run, why not run ‘nude’ with your friends. It is amazing how much better face to face communication is.

We can guarantee the world will not end if you do not post a Strava update, a selfie and don’t log your distance on your GPS watch. Your friends will just have to believe that you have just gone for a run and enjoyed it. Listen to a previous episode of RunTalk which may convince you to giving a ‘nude’ run a try in the future.

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