An ever-changing world means that industries are changing, careers are changing and challenges are everywhere.  UQ will prepare you for that.

But what if you could conquer the unknown in other areas of life?

Challenge yourself in other ways?  

What if you took the plunge and challenged yourself to a better lifestyle, a fitter 2019 and bigger and better experiences?

The UQ Twilight run is on your doorstep.  And there is an event for all levels and abilities.  

On Sunday 28 April 2019, the UQ St Lucia campus will transform.  Over 6,000 participants will descend on the start line near the UQ Athletics Stadium in their glow in the dark gear ready to run their best under the moon and the stars.  

If you already do a bit of running you could try the ultimate challenge – sign up to the half marathon.  You’ve got eight weeks and we can help you get there. We have training plans for all abilities that you can access on the website and once you’ve registered you will receive our exclusive weekly tips!

If you are not a seasoned runner yet, never done a fun run and are a little nervous about the unknown, why don’t you try something less daunting like the 10km or 5km events.  Once you’ve set your goal, you won’t believe how good you feel as you tick off the sessions in our training plans and you are on your way to a fitter 2019.

The UQ Twilight Run is a spectacle – full of colour, buzz and atmosphere.  It’s more than a fun run. It’s electric.

Own the unknown- Sign up to the UQ Twilight Run today.