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Have you got tatty trainers?

You love your old faithfuls, they’ve probably been with you for a while and got you through some really tough runs. But running shoes deteriorate as they age and they also lose cushioning and integrity. Old footwear can be a significant contributor to increased injury...

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It’s taper time

Performing at your best on race day relies on many factors, some of which are controllable, and others that unfortunately are not. Training plays an important role in getting you mentally and physically prepared to race. However, it’s essential to back off your...

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Fruit myths busted

Don’t underestimate the importance of fruit in the diet, for health and for training. Does fruit contain sugar? Yes, but it is naturally occurring fruit sugar (carbohydrate), not added sugar. Carbohydrate is an important fuel source for sports performance, but fruit...

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Tie em right!… 3 Lacing tips all runners must know

Did you know that changing the way you tie your laces can help customise the fit of your shoes? Modern running shoes have a variable width rather than parallel lacing. This gives you the scope to adjust your lacing around specific fit issues with your feet. Check out...

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What does the wear on the soles of my running shoes mean?

Ever looked at the sole of your running shoes and wondered what the wear pattern means? Whilst not always obvious, your wear pattern can provide some clues on the way you run, why you may have an injury or the longevity of your footwear. But these visible signs are...

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How to get Lighter and Faster feet!!

2 form tips to help you run stronger and more smoothly These two drills are easy to do at home. Focusing on form can improve your running and help you stay focused when racing at the UQ Twilight Run. WARNING…. Do NOT do these drills if you have an injury and do them...

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