Running will push you to the very edge of your physical and mental limits.  But it will make you a better person for it….

Check out Aidan Hobbs’ 3 top tips for mental strength:    

Tip # 1  – Preparation

When we talk about training, we often only think about physically preparing our bodies.  The reality is that you can go into a race with excellent fitness and have a terrible run, whilst at other times you might not have had a perfect lead up, but still run really well on the day.  If the mind can make such a great difference to your performance then it makes sense to prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

Working through different scenarios prior to the race can give you the confidence to deal with difficult situations during the race when your body is telling you to stop.

Tip # 2  – Team support   

There is a common ingredient in the training of most successful athletes – they surround themselves with coaches and teammates who boost morale.  When you receive positive reinforcement for work that you’ve done well, it becomes part of the way you perceive your personal strengths.

Next time you see your running partner dominate some aspect of a training session –   let them know that they are crushing the hills or nailing the final sprint and watch them continue to drop their times.

Tip # 3 – Dealing with failure

Sometimes you can have the very best preparation leading into a big race but for whatever reason, it doesn’t come together on the day.  When you encounter a bad race, be systematic in how you deal with it. Step through what went wrong, what you will change for next time, set yourself a new goal and then move on.

Be tough….but most importantly have fun.  When you love to run, perseverance becomes a joy.

Aidan Hobbs – intraining sponsored runner.

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